Easiest way to install Systemless Root and Xposed on your Nexus 5

The current trend in the Android mod world is to make everything systemless. With the systemless SuperSu and systemless Xposed, you can finally switch back and forth between a stock and a modded system in just one click, allowing you to make OTA updates or just have a clean system without hassle.

After trying a couple of Android ROMs for my Nexus 5, I decided to go back to stock with XPosed (mainly because of the Cataclysm ROM‘s dev stopping working on it).

I was used to do everything manually via adb to have total control, but a couple days ago I let myself be tempted by the powerfull Nexus Root Toolkit. And powerful it really is!


As you can see there are a lot of things (and it isn’t near the Advanced window). But if you already have flashed/rooted your Android, you will probably need just a couple of minutes to recognize every feature it offers. What’s very usefull, is that everything becomes easy and automated. It checks things for you, reboots, downloads, flashs, etc.

So here I’ll show you how to have a fully systemless Root and XPosed :

1. Download all the necessary mods and apk

2. Nexus Root Toolkit and Backup

Download Nexus Root Toolkit, install, launch and detect your phone’s model

At this point, make sure you have backed up all your data, apps, etc. because we will make a full wipe and you will loose everything on your phone. You can do it via Titanium Backup or using the backup features provided by Nexus Root Toolkit.


3. Reset your phone to a clean, stock system

  1. On the main window, choose « Flash Stock + Unroot »
  2. Then choose which Android you want to install. I chose « Android 6.0.1 MOB30Y » since it’s the last version officially made for the Nexus 5 Hammerhead. You can also choose a custom image via « Other/Browse ».
  3. Select « Automatically download… » if you didn’t already made those steps.
  4. Leave « No Wipe Mode » unchecked. Bypassing the wipe on major system changes, almost guarantees issues later on.
  5. Click « OK » and read every step carefuly. It should take approximately 15 min to complete.
  6. Important: now that you have a clean system, you have to re-enable the USB debugging in the parameters, or the Nexus Root Tookit won’t be able to communicate with your phone.


4. Flashing the mods and installing the apks

Now that you have a clean system, we will flash all the mods (*.zip): the custom kernel (if you want one), Magisk, SuperSU (magisk version) and Xposed.

  1. In the Advanced Utilities, press « Flash ZIP files from: »
  2. Add all your Zips in the upper right. Be sure they are ordered in the same way as the screenshot: the custom kernel must be flashed before Magisk, which needs a clean system without Root.
  3. Confirm operation. Your phone should reboot on TWRP and flash everything before booting back to the system.flash_window
  4. Finally, also in the Advanced Utilities, click on « Install APK’s » and select all the apk: Magisk Manager, XposedInstaller.


Launch SuperSu to check you are properly rooted. Enjoy 🙂


  1. Could you make a package of all the downloads together. Some of them aren’t available anymore and it’s a hard task to combine the right versions.

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