The best way to Stream your TV Shows with the best quality and speed

TV-Show-Manager preview

Even quicker way, using directly peerflix


    • Install PopCorn Time and TV-Show-Manager
    • Replace the default key value of you torrent client in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Magnet\shell\open\command by the path to your PopCorn Time Installation

 (eg. "C:\Users\{{UserName}}\AppData\Local\Popcorn Time\nw.exe" "%1")


Popcorn Time is wonderful. You have a beautiful UI with an almost endless catalog of Movies and TV Shows.

But I was annoyed by several things: some TV Shows were getting too long to be added to YIFI and the 720p quality, even if really good for its final size, was far from being a real HD. Also, now a big part of YIFY users come from PopCorn Time, so there are lot of leechers that only seed while the show is streaming.

So: coming late episodes, limited choice of quality (sometimes there is only a 480p version, even for popular shows), relatively poor HD quality and finally not the best seed speed.

Also, and this is only because I didn’t took the time to create a account, I wanted an easy way to see what episodes I haven’t yet seen, possibly just a list with a button that directly starts the stream of the last episode. Again, if you use or TVshows Manager, PopCorn Time has an inbuilt api calling system.

To do that, I was preparing a Python script with the list of TV shows I am following and that would search, download the torrent (from T411 which has a very high ratio of seeders) and launch it with Popcorn Time.

The Solution

But in the meantime, I’ve found TV-Show-Manager, a tool that does exactly that, except it has a graphical interface, and other little features. Sadly I cannot find it sources anywhere and therefore cannot change use custom trackers it’s written in AutoIT which is far from being my favorite choice for this kind of app.

Another downside was that, by downloading an episode, it automatically opens it with your torrent client, which is not what I wanted: I needed it to start the stream directly (with Popcorn Time, peerflix or whatever).

So I tried to change the default app for .torrent files with Popcorn Time, but it didn’t change anything. So I thought that maybe the TV-Show-Manager was actually opening a magnet:// link

But how am I supposed to change the default app for this kind of link? The first time you open a magnet link with Chrome, it will ask you if you want to open it with the installed torrent client, which for me was µtorrent, without any way to change the app.

Btw, if you want to reset the default behavior, look here.

In order to call whatever app I wanted with the magnet link, I went on the register HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Magnet\ (found here) and changed the default key in shell\open\command.

The default key should contain something like

"C:\Users\{{UserName}}\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\uTorrent.exe" "%1" /SHELLASSOC

Sweet! I tried replacing the uTorrent path to the PopCorn Time one:

"C:\Users\{{UserName}}\AppData\Local\Popcorn Time\PopCorn Time.exe" "%1"

but calling a magnet link would only open PopCorn Time, without doing anything with the given parameter (FYI, %1 is the magnet link). So I tried with

"C:\Users\{{UserName}}\AppData\Local\Popcorn Time\nw.exe" "%1"

and… TADAAAA! It worked perfectly!

So now, whenever I download an episode with TV-Show-Manager (Quick-Download Episode), PopCorn Time opens and I just have to select the file from from the torrent before the stream begins!

Almost every episode is available max 1~2 days after being aired, in 1080p and starts streaming in no more than 5 seconds.